bookmarks everywhere, except where I need them

Hi fellow bookworms!

I doubt I’m alone in the fact that over the years, I have accumulated a (very) large amount of bookmarks…and I’m only 18. (I dread to think how many I’ll own by the time I hit 21, let alone 40+).

And yet I can never find one when I’m actually reading a book. Surely I’m not the only one?

The majority of the time, you’ll see me using a crumpled bus ticket as a bookmark (crumpled because I screwed up and then had to try and smooth it out when I realised that I had no bookmark on me). Luckily, I get one or two buses a day, six days a week, so my bag is usually full of bus tickets!

But I don’t understand how I always seem to have this problem. I have a mug that I use to keep my actual bookmarks in and you can usually spot a couple lying on the floor in my room, or sticking out of books I haven’t finished reading.

I swear, I could have a bookmark for every book I own and I’d still never have one when I need one! I reckon it’s just one of those things.

Anyone else have this problem?

Elanor 🙂