bookish gift ideas

Hello and welcome, fellow bookworms!

Obviously, when buying presents for a bookworm, it can be difficult to buy them a book, unless they give you a specific title that they’d like, as you probably don’t know every single book they own. But never fear! I have compiled a gift guide (complete with links to buy the products) to help!

1. A chocolate frog magnetic bookmark for that Harry Potter obsessed friend:

choc frog book mark

I’ll be honest, I’m considering buying myself one of these – they look so cool! They can be purchased here.

2. For the stationary-obsessed bookworm

penguin notebook.jpg

I am yet to meet a lover of books who is not also a lover of stationary! Penguin sell several notebooks, featuring the cover of one of their classics. My personal favourite is shown in the image above. The rest of the collection can be found here.

3. For the bookworm with a lot to carry


Tote bags are super cute and a great, practical gift! This one is adorable, but there are loads of different ones available, featuring quotes from books and more! The one shown above can be purchased here.

4. For the tea or coffee drinker (or collector of mugs)


This is a mug that I’d love and know would go down well with friends of mine that love reading. There are so many book themed mugs available, it’s impossible to compile images of them all. The Matilda “I’m wondering what to read next” mug can be bought here. A wider range of book themed mugs, including those featuring the cover of a book or based on a certain book, can be browsed here.

5. For the friend that’s difficult to buy for

If all else fails, you can always buy your friend a book voucher/gift card to enable them to purchase a book which they want. Gift cards can usually be purchased from mainstream bookstores such as W. H. Smiths or Waterstones and some supermarkets may even sell these!

6. For the wearer of jewellery


Cute book-themed pieces of jewellery are relatively easy to find online. Pieces like the necklace above will go down brilliantly with the friend who wears a great deal of jewellery, or even the friend who only wears it on special occasions. You could search for jewellery specific to a book or series that you know your friend loves, or buy a piece which is a little less specific, but still book-themed. The above necklace can be purchased here.

7. For the lover of quotes/home decor


Framed quotes such as the one above, from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings make great presents! Whether it is a quote you know your friend loves or a quote taken from a book you know they enjoyed, there are plenty available to choose from. You could even buy a frame and hand-write or type a quote and make your own gift! The one above can be found here.


I hope this gift guide helped a little! I plan to make a more themed bookish gift guide when it is nearer to Christmas, so keep an eye out for more ideas!

Happy browsing!

Elanor 🙂