My Fictional Bucket List

Hi there fellow bookworms!

As I’m now working full time, I’ve decided to make my blog posts weekly (at least) rather than daily. So here goes with this week’s post: my fictional bucket list!

1. Be sorted into my Hogwarts house

As sure as I am that my Pottermore sorting into Hufflepuff is accurate, I’d love to find out what house I’m really in via the Sorting Hat. Not sure I’d like the getting up in front of the entirety of Hogwarts to be sorted though!

2. Visit Narnia

Both in it’s Golden Age, when Caspian is fighting for his throne and later, travelling on the Dawn Treader. I loved the books, films and TV episodes of this series and Narnia is definitely a place I’d love to visit. Plus, imagine how beautiful your photos would be!

3. Solve a mystery with Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple

I’m a huge fan of Agatha Christie’s books, she’s definitely one of my favourite authors, and solving a mystery with two of my favourite detectives would be amazing!

4. Be a Shadowhunter for a week (or month?)

I originally thought “be a Shadowhunter for a day” but I feel like you wouldn’t find out loads about what it’s like to be a Shadowhunter in just one day…knowing my luck, on the day I chose, nothing exciting would happen, so I longer time period would be better!

5. Find out my faction (Divergent)

I’m not sure whether I’d like to take the Aptitude test, but I’d definitely like to find out what faction I’d be. The Divergent website has placed me in Amity, which is probably fairly accurate, but I’d still like to know for sure!

6. Stay with the Weasley family

Or move in. I don’t think there would ever be a dull moment and it would be amazing being a part of such a fab family!

7. Go to Chestnut Hill (riding & boarding school)

I always wanted to learn how to ride a horse when I was younger, but never did. I fell in love with Lauren Brooke’s Chestnut Hill books about a group of friends who attended a riding and boarding school and I’d love to spend a term/year there and learn how to ride a horse!

8. Work/live at Downton Abbey

Although working there would obviously be tiring and a lot more difficult than the TV series makes out, I don’t think it would be as bad if you were friends with all the other servants and they all seem almost like a family at Downton! And obviously, living there as one of the family would be pretty cool!

9. Mentor the tributes

Although I’d hate to actually be one of the tributes in the Hunger Games (obviously), I’d like to be one of their mentors and do as much as I could to keep them alive whilst the Games were on.

10. Visit Middle Earth

I’m not sure whether I’d like to visit during The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, maybe in between both of these. I’d love to travel around Middle Earth and explore places like Rivendell and Hobbiton and Mirkwood (as long as I could avoid the spiders) and meet everyone!

So here are the main 10 things on my fictional bucket list, I may turn this post into a page and add to it as there are many more things that I’d love to do!

Do you have a fictional bucket list? Leave me a comment and share something from your fictional bucket list!

Elanor 🙂


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